In 2021, Flamerite Fires proudly announced a newly formed partnership with Young Epilepsy.

Young Epilepsy is the children’s and young people’s epilepsy charity. They exist to create a society where children and young people with epilepsy are enabled to thrive and fulfil their potential. A society in which their voices are respected, and their ambitions realised.

The charity helps to create better futures for young people, supporting them and their families whilst promoting epilepsy awareness across the UK.

We have some great fundraising ideas and future offers to share with customers and our retailer network on specific and important days related to epilepsy and mental health.

For every Glazer product sold, Flamerite Fires make a donation. Our Glazer range includes all sizes from Glazer 600 to Glazer 1800 and the modular suites such as Exo 1500 and Atlas.

Banner is displayed on all products that contribute a donation.

* February 2022.

You can follow our progress and help us reach our target by making a donation through our Just Giving page.

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